The Fleet and District HypnoTherapy Centre

How Can I Help You?

This site is here to offer help to those people who would like to relax, to gain resolution of personal problems and for change.

Relaxation is at the centre of improvement and the videos and audio pieces can bring that to you.

The books are popular with therapists as well as seekers of peace of mind.

What Can John Do For You?

Resources by John Smale for hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP are still offered even though he has moved to France to continue his writing and publishing. Help is available from his books and CDs for many problems and for other therapists.

Even if he cannot be around in person, he would like to offer help in a different way.

John Smale, the author of the books and audio downloads that are offered here, spent many years as a therapist who helped thousands of people to make major changes to regain control of those obstacles to the enjoyment of life.

This means that he has witnessed the effectiveness of various techniques and methods. He has specialised in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, stress, IBS, public speaking, fear of flying and other phobias.

His experiences have been put into these books and audio downloads to help people with problems as well as other therapists who can gain from the shared knowledge. Some of the books below are part of some hypnotherapy training course reading requirements.

The Benefits of the Books and Audio Downloads

The books and audio can help you to stop smoking, to control your weight and shape and to beat back the negative effects of anxiety, panic, stress and phobias.

Metaphors are wonderful self-help tools. They allow the readers to indentify with situations that mirror their own problems and they can gain the creative insight to overcome them.

Sometimes life can seem dark and without meaning. Perhaps now is the time for you to make a transformation. This is life changing metaphor therapy at its best. This site is here to help you with solutions using metaphors and short stories, videos and audio downloads as therapy that will improve your life.

Gain the benefits of a successful therapist, John Smale, who has used therapeutic metaphors in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to help to improve the lives of thousands of people. There are printed and Kindle books packed full of metaphors and short stories that were inspired by therapy sessions with clients for their benefit and you can watch free YouTube videos that have been made to help you to relax. You can also download mp3 audio recorded for your relaxation.
As a footnote, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the many clients I have helped since 1995. Once again, many thanks to all the people that I have seen.

The site has links to a publisher, emp3books.com and this company publishes many more books that cover fiction to serious works of non-fiction.
If you would like to contact me please email John Smale